Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter 2...When is to soon to add as a Facebook friend!

I ended yesterdays post with describing why i'm so picky! And trust me I am the worlds pickiest person and i hate that i'm this way but when it comes down to it i really don't know how to stop!

So the other weekend I meet a boy, crazy I know with my high standards! I may have been a little intoxicated!  But anyway I did, so we chatted while he was working (bar tender) and flirty, flirty...he got my number. Result! This one was keen texted the next day to catch-up as he was going away for a week! Great I thought, so I met up with him for what started as coffee, worked its way into dinner! Had lots in common, easy to talk to, I was having fun...ended the date with a quick kiss and a plan to catch-up again! Result!

Over the next week the texting was done. Then that weekend a friend and I who were down where he worked decided to go pay him a visit...hey free drinks can you blame 2 us?!
But this is where I come to my question...with the use of facebook and other networking sites these days when is too soon to introduce your friends to a potential relationship?
Because these 2 also hit it off…and became friends, which is perfectly fine (it’s a good thing), I know she'd never go there.
But he added her on facebook, which I wasn't too keen on the idea, - I personally have one rule with Facebook and that’s not to stalk any potential flings- so my dilemma is he now talks to her on fb chat and ask her questions...she tells me everything he says but I feel, a little violated by it. Don’t get me wrong not by my friend but by him…he’s only met her twice. What I tell my friends shouldn't have anything to do with him!

It just makes things that little bit more awkward!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fantasy...Desires...What is yours??

Is it wrong that last night, when I was watching season 4 of Gossip Girl and had a revelation that I would really like so sleep with my hot professor like Serena does in the show. Now there’s one little flaw to my plan, I’m not actually studying and have no gorgeous professor to speak of!

But I’ve also never really had such a fantasy before…I have friends who have thing for guys with porno staches, or wants to sleep with a guy in a tent but, I think my fantasy has gone one step further!

Maybe it was I just found the professor on the show pretty darn attractive that I thought well, if I had a professor like that I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

Colin and Serena in Episode 4.6, "Easy J"

Maybe it’s the whole untouchable desire…I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE the chase…I always like meeting the guy, flirting (trust me worlds biggest flirt), reeling him in…even the first date excitements…but come the second date and it’s all over!
I like what I can’t have I always want more the next adventure that’s why I have been single for and I quote 3 years!  I’ve had a few mini relationship in those 3 years…nothing that lasted! And one of those guys was my manager (company policy did state no fraternization with the mangers...there you go again the make the chase even more exciting!), but can you blame me he had model good looks and a body to rival even Becks…and he had the accent too!

Which is also one of the other flaws in my life...I used to live in London where I only dated models, that probably sounds really stuck up but that’s not how I meant it to come across, it’s just that what our profession was so it’s hard to get out of that bubble. But this has scarred me for life, every guy I now meet who doesn’t have these model looks. I just can’t bring myself to see past the flaws! Not that I’m saying these models didn’t have flaws and they did…good looks and not a lot of personality! But how do I get past my hang-up on looks and stop throwing the perfectly good boys away??

I see this blog has turned into a fantasy desire into the secrets’ of my life….well I’m going to leave you there…the next chapters coming soon!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Songs Like This- Carrie Underwood

Songs Like This

Was just going through my iTunes when i stumbled across this little song Songs Like This by Carrie Underwood in my playlist under the wrong name and felt this was such a perfect song for this blog that i just had to post it and show you just how perfect it is!

Take a look at the song, it's for all you girls who've had your heart broken! I love it! Great beat too...Bonus!!

Have a good weekend; I have a date tomorrow so wish me luck that it doesn't make an appearance up here on Monday! xx

Ps. I had to post it by itself my computer wouldn't let me add it to my post grr!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kissing and Tell

The wonderful world of it really that wonderful! Trust me I've had my fare share of disastrous dates! Some pretty recent and some a few years ago!

Hopefully this will be a little guide for anyone reading on what not to do on a date and the get out signs! Think how to lose a guy in 10 days! Now I've just gotta go out and Find my Matthew McConaughey! Can't be too hard right!
I'm no expert on the dating world; I actually don't think anyone is!

But here in this blog will be my little insight into the dating world. I've got no advice to give you on relationships, having never really been in anything serious!

But I've been in love, had my heart broken, been in lust and been disgusted!

I'm just a single girl living in a big city!